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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by Erik, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Erik

    Erik Admin

    Is happiness a choice? Or just a feeling?

    Secondary to that, specifically what makes you happy?
  2. Brandi

    Brandi old school

    I think both. Somedays I am just fawking happy as soon as I wake up. Other days is a fake it 'til ya make it day. On the fake it days, I usually just find something so crazy or hilarious happening around me to remind me that I am a tiny spec on this earth and that the world doesn't revolve around me. That usually snaps me out of it.

    And what makes me happy? Meaning something to other people. Like doing something nice for them, making them smile, that sort of thing.
  3. Sarah

    Sarah Well-Known Member

    It's a choice to find something positive every day. World sucks too much for happiness just to randomly happen.

    What makes me happy? My dogs faces lighting up and tails wagging just because I'm talking to them...My fiancee calling me just to say hi or sending a stupid email...Little things...and chocolate cake - that always helps.
  4. theresak

    theresak Guest

    I believe you can make happiness a choice. If you choose to find a positive in your situation, you will. If you choose to wallow in negatives, you will. Too simple, but if I were to fully flesh it out it would be too wordy.

    What makes me happy? A really good day with my kids and husband. Just bumming around the house with them, laughing about nothing. Love those days.
  5. Ames

    Ames Rocking the stage!


    good post
  6. smuggie

    smuggie Maureen aka Mo

    I'll let you know when I figure it out.
  7. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F A Grade Asshat

    this makes me happy

    MotoGP FP2 (Dry)

    1. Rossi 1m57.87
    2. De Puniet 1m58.02
    3. Capirossi 1m58.47
    4. Edwards 1m58.85
    5. Roberts 1m59.11
    6. Nakano 1m59.24
    7. Checa 1m59.25
    8. Pedrosa 1m59.25
    9. Melandri 1m59.31
    10. Hopkins 1m59.40
    11. Hayden 1m59.51
    12. Stoner 1m59.60
    13. Tamada 1m59.91
    14. Elias 1m59.99
    15. Hofmann 2m00.50
    16. Vermeulen 2m01.37
    17. Ellison 2m02.42
    18. Cardoso 2m02.73
    19. Silva 2m04.24

    quello perfetto, il medico

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  8. Strive2Define

    Strive2Define Banned

    I think ultimately how happy we choose to be in our lives is up to us.It is very unfair to expect someone else to be responsible for our own happiness..while we not be happy in a a particular situation we do have the choice to change it.
    There are many different things that make me happy but the one thing that makes me happy on a daily basis are my pets..they give love so unconditionally and are always happy to see their "mommy".They are like warm fuzzies:love:
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  9. sparkygirl

    sparkygirl Well-Known Member

    I believe happiness can be a matter of positive attitude towards life... you can feel sorry for yourself for things that happen around you and just be miserable or you can take a positive attitude and see the world around you, how many people are suffering with so many tragedies happening everyday and suddenly your problems become smaller. I believe if there is a situation that makes us miserable we can change it, it is not up to others to make us happy. We also learn from our mistakes. And I also believe that we don't have to feel always 100% happy, it is normal to have some down days, it is all part of life.

    I am with Brandi with things that make me happy... helping others when I can, meaning something to people around me. Watching my kids growing healthy everyday and exploring new things; when the day is over and I know I accomplish what I had planned makes me happy.
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  10. TillyT

    TillyT All Over It

    Great questions Erik!

    I agree that happiness is both a choice, and a feeling. Some days, as much as I may want to choose to be happy, it just ain't gonna happen. But on those days, when I'm "unhappy", I can't really blame it on anything or anyone, except myself. Ultimately, it's not what happens to you, it's how you react to what happens to you. We can only control ourselves.

    That being said, we ALL have our moments. Life can be overwhelming and it's quite the roller coaster ride, so I think we're all allowed to have bad days (or weeks). But then I think it is our choice whether or not to remain in that state of unhappiness. No one else can MAKE us happy. We need to find whatever it is that helps bring the joy back into our lives. Sometimes, just thinking of all the blessings that I do have in my life, helps to put things into perspective.

    What makes ME happy? Spending quality time hanging out and laughing with my friends and family, gettin' a great workout in, lying in the sun reading a good book...the list goes on! :)
  11. jaleena

    jaleena Banned

    I find it funny that some of the same people saying it's a choice, other people don't make them happy, etc...are the people saying they have families and pets that make them happy. I think family and pets are a huge deal...they should make you happy, it's a beautiful thing.
  12. trueblue

    trueblue Banned

    both, by choice.. and a feeling.

    you choose the path to take that will allow you to feel happy. or not.

    what makes me happy? contentment, accomplishments, realisations, learning.

    along those lines it feels as though I just lived out the book "The Alchemist".. anyone read it?? its about a quest.. searching for happiness.. a better life... only to realise it was right where he started all along. good stuff.
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  13. TillyT

    TillyT All Over It


    Very good point! And what I meant in my post was that (typically) I am happy spending time with my friends and family but none of them can actually MAKE me happy, if I choose not to be. If that makes any sense. Believe me...there have been some days where they've tried, but no way Jose! I can be pretty pissy when I wanna be! :yell:

    But then, I guess maybe there's a difference between general unhappiness for a day or two and overall unhappiness in/with life. :shrug:
  14. PnW

    PnW Waiting for my next meal...

    Wow, I was thinking of this book when I started reading this thread!

    I read it back in high school and didn't think much of it - found it a couple of years later, read it again and it made heaps more sense. Love it :love:

    The times I've felt really happy and content were those times when I was just chillin with the family - whether it be a summer BBQ at mum n dad's, laughing and being silly with my SO, reminiscing bout the old days with my sisters or friends, watching the All Blacks do the haka... :)shades:)

    Usually I'm so caught up with the stresses of life (bills, clients, work etc) that I forget how lucky I am :hearts:
  15. char-dawg

    char-dawg Mr. Observant

    I think that it would be pretty difficult for people to be happy in a concentration camp, or without the use of their limbs...but if you look around there are examples of just that.

    Similarly, there are others who have everything but still bitch about life. Everyone knows a spoiled little rich kid, one who's good-looking, has his health, money, prospects in life, etc., and still seems to approach every day with a shitty attitude.

    So IMO it's a choice, no doubt. Once you make the choice, you get the feeling.
  16. jaleena

    jaleena Banned

    And what I was getting at, is that these things are important in life. I have my parents who live several miles away, but no family of my own. And to preserve that relationship, I can't have pets...I'd love to have pets, but they don't approve, so it's pets or them, and for now I've chosen them. I just think a lot of times it's easier to pull out of a rough patch when there's someone around to come and nuzzle you :)
  17. trueblue

    trueblue Banned

    can't believe i missed the entire tri nations rugby season.. well I will.. :sadcry:

    All Blacks.. :love: my one and only..
  18. Michael_70

    Michael_70 Learning to Live Again


    I think it's both also..

    It depends on the day and the mood but you can try to change that. I woke up this morning..started work and was in kind of a grey mood. Once I sat back and reflected on my life I thought jeez..I really have it pretty damn good right now. Not sure why I woke up in a funk but I did. So that was a reflection and a choice to think it through.

    So yeah, sometimes it's a state of mind and sometimes it's a choice. If it's just the state of mind at that moment it's sometimes best to ride it out. If it's a frequent happening then it's something to look into.

    Guess you have to ask yourself too.."What ultimately makes me happy?"
  19. trueblue

    trueblue Banned

    update: what makes me super happy?.. watching the All Blacks smash the Wallbies!! :D :love:

    finally got to download and watch a game live.. ahhh.. and everything in the world has some order...
  20. PnW

    PnW Waiting for my next meal...

    :ditto: I take it you're not in NZ anymore trueblue?

    YYYEEEEESSSS!! We won the tri nations!! Had ma heart in my throat during that first half.. but they came through in the end! :yahoo: :yippee:

    :bowdown: Ritchie Mcaw :love:

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