Kristi Rousseau

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Dec 25, 2020
I am Kristi Rousseau. 42 years old. From Saskatchewan, Canada. Wife, mother of 2 boys. Have been involved with health & fitness since 2012(ish). Became a certified Personal Trainer in 2014. Also have Group Fitness & Spin bike certification along with Precision Nutrition L1, nutrition coach. Currently searching for more certifications to take regarding nutrition. My passion is Nutrition. I am had heard about LBC probably in 2015, followed them off and on. Started participating in the LBC community flex Fridays about a year and a half ago. Started the VIP Training group in June/July and really, really enjoyed the program, and am still there today. Hired Erik as a coach in October (coaches need coaches too). This is the most I have been consistent with nutrition since 2017-2018. And have seen/felt some pretty amazing results thus far. And mentally feel GREAT! I have done 2 of Amy's DAC 15 day challenges now, Nov & Dec's and really like them.
When Covid hit in March, we packed up our two boys and have spend most of our time at our cabin 2 hours north from or home. Only going home during April-May (for seeding, as we are farmers). We spent all summer here. Went back home for 2 months for harvest, and back to the cabin. I LOVE having my kids at home with us. When they did go back to school for a few months in the fall, I was sad. I enjoy their company and presence.
I enjoy walking outdoors. It is something I only started about a year ago. It's something I made myself do. Our winters here are long and cold. I have a minimum of 20 minutes 5-6 days a week. But I always end up staying outside longer. It clears my mind, relaxes me and just makes me feel better.