Samantha Tosto

LBC VIP Member
LBC VIP Nutrition
Dec 29, 2020
Hi yall, I am Samantha, but I go by Samm. I grew up as a very athletic child participating in swimming, basketball, and gymnastics through my youth. I had a sic pack at age 6 and kept it till I was about 18. I continued gymnastics and swimming into highschool and also took on lacrosse, cheering, and diving. Transition into college was when I first started gaining weight, I joined the swim team and was able to maintain, but my body was used to training 5-6 days a week year round due to sports and the transition into adult life was a drastic change. I was sitting at my job and sitting at school, while studying, while doing homework...I felt like I was always sitting. I had less free time due to my studies and part time job....the first 10...20lbs was not much noticeable as I had an athletic build but the next 30..40..50...60lbs was HUGE. I survived some trauma that lead to this weight gain and some extremely bad habits. I finally knew it was time for a change and embarked on my first weight loss journey. I lost 70lbs in about a year and a half training myself and going to group classes. I was back at my "normal weight" and was thin and trim and STRONG, towards the end of my weight loss I decided to do a 3 month low calorie low carb diet to get to my goal weight (I was extremely number focused and calculated every meal to the gram to be within 1-2% of perfect), I was 2 lbs away from reaching this when I endured another traumatic experience, I put myself completely into this diet and dragged it on for an extra 2 months....longer than I should have and was advised to do so.....and fell back into my old habits. I stopped training and paying attention to what I put into my body and binged about every day, barely left the house. Over the course of 3 years I slowly put the weight I lost back on....plus some, going through periods of training and not training. October 2019 I started getting serious about my health again and lose 27 lbs, then covid hit and I, like many others, fell off track and enjoyed the time doing nothing, I was stuck in a tiny appartment awaiting my move in date to be finalized....3 days before I was supposed to move in I was unemployed due to covid and had to start the morgage process all over again (april 2nd turned to June 6th...I sat in my appartment feeling sorry for myself), having everything boxed up I felt trapped in a small world and felt like I had no control. With no work, no gyms open, no decor that made home feel like home, and no where to go I gained 20lbs back. I joined LBC this past Sep 2020 and am excited to be a part of LBCU to help keep me focused on what matters (my health) and look like I train. That's my long story of weight gain, weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain. Im ready to be a part of the 5% for good.