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Allison Bartlett

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Jan 1, 2021
Hi All,
My name is Allison and I hail from the Los Angeles area. I've been off and on with LBC for 5 years but have always let other priorities distract me from my health and fitness goals of late. I'm a new mom to 10 mth old twins and have let myself go these last few years. I want to refocus so I can, not only be a good role model for my kids, but also have the energy to keep up. I've got a long journey ahead of me but excited to see what progress I can make in a year!
Looking forward to the learning journey!
Ileen Natic

Ileen Natic

Ya Gotta Wanna!
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May 1, 2006
HI! welcome back to to LBC and self care. : )
Tiffany Leigh

Tiffany Leigh

Oct 17, 2011
Glad to see someone else from my area! Yay!