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Joan McEwan

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Dec 26, 2020
Hello !
I am Joan, from Kelowna BC Canada, and I have followed LBC for probably at least 8 years. I began an active lifestyle early (12 years old) when my friend's older brother commented that I was built for comfort, not for speed! That was the beginning of a life in fitness and I can thank him for that now, lol. I am probably close to the best shape I have been in since I was in my twenties..... and I'm 52..... THAT is cool.
3 things:
* I am a mother to a special needs boy who is undiagnosed but sweet as pie (being strong comes in very handy)
* I manage a working art studio here in Kelowna called Fools and Sages art studio
* Steven Tyler once signed a painting I did of him at a concert (he's my fave)
3 NEW things in my life:
* falling off-plan without the guilt! Woop Woop!
* Air pods! (can't wait to train with them!)
* the year ahead being my best training year to date!
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