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Jan 4, 2021
Hi! I thought I waited too late to introduce myself but then realized that's silly and to just do it anyway.

I've been a long time follower of LBC. I loved reading the Facebook posts in the past where the whole team would teach the readers manners on how to respond to someone's progress with acknowledge of the effort and commitment rather than on the commenters stating their personal aesthetic preferences. I learned so much from the Q & A's as well.

I'm a long time runner - 20 years. The more I did it the more I wanted to learn so I went back to school at 40 with two small kids at home and became a certified personal trainer. That was 10 years ago now! Wow! I've been working at a large sports center for the past 9 years. I had an amazing balance of small group classes and personal training clients with a full calendar for many years. Covid has taken away a good 2/3 of my work. Thank goodness I've been able to keep a small semblance of on-line and in person sessions going. I miss working though :(

Over the years I've shifted away from running as much and got more and more into strength training. In 2016 I joined a competitive olympic weightlifting team and began entering provincial and national championships. I've done four seasons of competitions now. I've done two Masters National competitions in Canada. When I went to my last one in 2019 I was blown away to be in a space with 16 other women from across the country in my age group that love to do the same thing as me. It was so inspiring. I was on point to go to my third Masters Nationals when the first lockdown happened. I started training again with the team in October but then we went into another big lockdown so all that was halted again. Once we get to the other side of this pandemic I will start training again with a renewed passion. My goal is to set a record for my age and weight class. That's also why I'm here with lbc. To get myself anchoring firming in my weight class for lifting with the eye on staying in the class and not gaining.

Any way, hope I didn't go on too much. I love training and talking about ways to master consistency. I've done a good job over the years. This lock down has rocked my footing and I've reverted back to old habits I thought I had left years ago. So I'm here to regroup, recenter and be a part of a great community of other fitness enthusiasts.