When to take PWO carbs? Carb sensitive??

Discussion in 'Diet, Nutrition and Supplements' started by Keepingon, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Well, formulas are secondary to your experience.

    12x BW to maintain is a problem.
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    This has been an extremely informative thread. Thanks everyone. I am coming to a close on my 6th week with LBC so I am still learning. I was in this same boat before getting on with Erik...the harder I worked, the more weight I gained. I thought "if I could just add 15 more minutes of cardio...." and so on...

    I am just glad to have a community I can reach out to for support and good advice. Sometimes we may not want to hear what is being advised of us, but my transformation is an indication that Erik has been 100% right!
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    Ditto. After heavy lifting workouts I'm sweaty, but nowhere near cardio-sweaty. I even use the same pants two workout days in a row.
    But my measure of a good workout when I've finished is whether I feel tiredness and fatigue in the worked muscles and not much energy left in the tank. Just want to go home and feed the machine with yummy PWO carbs :)
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    Which is why I can't wait to get started with you!:happy05:
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    Well as i mentioned earlier, i can relate to this mentality quite a bit. It's almost like you actually just described me here LOL.

    I'm also tired of having quite literally different sets of clothing depending on when i'm close to a show, or how far after a show it is. Plus my weight fluctuations don't help me feel very good about myself when it's up. The catch-22 is that when i'm at my leanest, i feel like a bag of assholes just to sustain that so i can't even enjoy being "athletic". I start to feel apathetic like every day became more about survival rather than enjoyment. And then things like birthdays, weddings, social events, or travelling, become huge sources of anxiety becuase i need to get in my workouts before or whatever, have time to get ready, and then pray that i don't f*** up my diet so bad cause one bad cheat (which got progressively more binge-like the longer i starved myself with overtraining and over dieting) would get out of control and all the work that i literally busted my ass for all week (*maybe* half a pound difference on the scale at best LOL) was totally erased.

    Phew i hope that sentence made sense lOL

    The messed up part is that i love training hard and givin'er at the gym. For me working out isn't just a means to an end (aesthetics). I genuinely love pushing myself physically.

    I think it's important to assess the deeper psychological reasons why we become OCD about our diets and training. I never had these problems before competing with my weight and my "food neurosis". This is obviously a pretty deep thing so it will take a lot of honest self-assessment and even if you have the means, working with a counsellor or a life coach or something.

    Right now i'm on the journey of altering my mentality and trying to heal my super-abused body. I find it helpful to use any and all "tools" i can get my hands on LOL and hanging out on these forums is most helpful. Read read read. Read a lot of Erik's blog posts on his site. Read about other girls' experience. This road to recovery is going to be a long process so coming to terms with that is going to be one of the first and biggest hurdles to overcome. During that time, you're going to watch your body do some unpleasant things as it tries to figure out what the hell "homeostasis" is again. This is the phase i'm in right now ;-P i'm not gonna lie---it sucks. I'm eating more which is fun, but not so much fun that i can't fit into my clothes (yay for winter time!). At first i felt like i was being bad or cheating cause i ate an apple, and i sweetened a protein pancake with one teaspoon of honey. I know right? Totally sinful! LOL. (in the past, this would have prompted an all-out binge). But accepting that it's okay, and carbs aren't evil, and i actually need to be eating a LOT more than i have been, has been both scary and fun. Seriously how fun is eating a banana after you haven't had carbs for months? Pretty badass, no? I'm sure you (and many reading this) know what i'm talking about ;-P

    Trying to be patient with my body, be "okay" with my omg-i'm-getting-fat phase has been obviously difficult emotionally but i remind myself, that even with my psycho diet/cardio protocol, i was gaining this weight anyway!!! I'm tired of always fighting with my body. On a tangent to that, having all the extra non-gym time feels pretty wild too. Luckily i have too many other hobbies i love to do so i can easily keep busy.... but even with all that, i have to remind myself that i don't need to feel "guilty" about not being in the gym for hours and hours, daily. So i do suggest if possible, taking up new hobbies that will have a positive outcome with your self esteem during this transitional phase is most helpful. Like something creative is great, for example, maybe you want to learn an instrument, or take up painting or photography---these don't involve food or working out. This might help to substitute that "high" you get from a workout with a different form of self-gratification (LOL self gratification hee hee) to get that fulfillment becuase you might go through withdrawals for when you cut your workouts down. Bonus is that life-time learning is always something wonderful to practice. And of course, yoga is great for working on being in the present (something else i'm guessing you struggle with cause i'm that way too ;-P) and working on spirituality, self-love, blah blah blah.

    Anyway now i'm just rambling on (about myself too hhahahah "pulling a tyra" again with my narcissism). You aren't alone in your journey. Your original post has actually exposed a myriad of symptomatic issues that were all bubbling below the surface and sounds to me you're virtually at a critical breaking point now (which incidentally is a blessing in disguise because there will come a point where you cannot sustain this any further). And it's gonna feel exactly like that----like the world as you know it is gonna crash down on you. I felt like that the week i injured my knee and realized just how epically messed my situation had become. Patience (certainly not a virtue of mine), acceptance, self-love, long term health, balance (oh god, totally foreign to me)... these are words i'm using right now to stay calm rather than give up, paint my skin green and have people call me Fiona.

    PLease stick around, and keep us updated.
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