What keeps you coming back?

Discussion in 'Competitors Corner' started by Blondell, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Blondell

    Blondell Former Postwhore

    What about competing keeps you doing it?
  2. Jen

    Jen Well-Known Member

    hooker heals..its all about the hooker heals :poledance:

    I'll write serious later
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  3. Blondell

    Blondell Former Postwhore

    :lol: and :ban:
  4. Anca

    Anca Well-Known Member

    I've only done a couple of shows and this is only my second prep. The reason I'm doing it again is that I want to look better than last time. I want that "muscular" "figure" look (especially in the upper body). I know it will take another couple of bulking cycles to really get where I want to- and in the meantime (since I can't bulk forever and have to diet down) I'm using my shows as motivation/something fun to look forward to. I don't care if I ever become a pro but making top 5 at my shows would be nice- I have to say I'd be disappointed if I don't even if I do end up looking better than last year.
  5. alandrum

    alandrum Well-Known Member

    I love the pride I felt in myself the first time i walked on that stage. It is also a hobby for me. i never will try and make it pro or anything but I just love having a purpose to working out since i have worked out my whole life it is cool now to have a actual goal besides just being skinny. hehe I love getting all dressed up and i love the girls I have met doing this. It is something that i do that is just for me. I get busy with my 3 kids, husband and work and it is nice to have something where it can be all about me.
  6. Jen

    Jen Well-Known Member

    I thought about it some more... the fake eyelashes and booty glue.

    great answers girls!
  7. KellyFL

    KellyFL Enjoying my Non-Diet, lol

    Totally agree with this. I've always been active, whether it is through sports (soccer, tennis, etc), or working out. It keeps me motivated and excited to go to the gym every morning if I have something I am working towards as opposed to just lifting for the sake of it.
  8. Ames

    Ames Rocking the stage!

    :lol: Jen!

    I've only done one, but I'm working towards another. I know I can do better than I did the first time, so my internal competative spirit is what is driving me.
  9. Neely

    Neely lolz


    I'm going with Jen's answers


    There's a lot that keeps me coming back, I guess.

    The competition
    Seeing how well I can dedicate myself/how strong my will power is
    Seeing the changes I can make in my body
    The glitz and glam of it is pretty fun too (albeit expensive)
    Meeting new people
    Having a set goal to work towards (the show)

    That's just off the top of my head.
  10. choop18

    choop18 Member

    One word...Pro tan! Love it. :lol:

    I am a fitness girl so I love coming up with new routines and working towards adding strength to my routine each year.
  11. yosef

    yosef Guest

    For me I continue competing because I want to see improvements. I want to see how far I can take my body, my physique. Because I'm not a muscular person by genetics...its a challenge. Annoying at times YES but at the end of the day I love getting on stage and with every competition seeing how I've improved. To me its all about self improvement and not the metal.

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