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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by Erik, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Erik

    Erik Admin

    I was having a few conversations today; a couple about parenting, kids, etc.

    Question - do you think it's easier to raise kids today? Or 20 years ago? Or said another way, would you rather things be like 20 years ago (thinking as a parent), or are you glad they're the way they are today? And if you don't mind, why?

    Things seem so much different today than they were when I was a kid.
  2. Blondell

    Blondell Former Postwhore

    I'd rather things be the way they were 20 yrs. ago. People looked out for each other more then, IMO. When I was younger (insert old lady voice here) we could go outside and play w/o fear of being taken/hurt/given drugs etc etc etc. Neighbors were like surrogate parents in my hood. There was always someone looking out for us.
  3. Cris

    Cris I Can Do This!

    I'm going to say it is harder now. For one, there just didn't seem to be the safety concerns then that we have now. We rode our bicycles all over town, came home and stayed by ourselves for an hour or two after school, sat out in the car while Mom ran in for a couple of groceries, etc. No way is that safe now. Maybe it wasn't then either, but our area hadn't received the memo yet.....:lol:

    One thing I do like about today, is the increased technology to communicate with your child as they get older. Lots of pre-teens/teens have cell phones now. Granted they could still not answer them, and it doesn't guarantee a parent will know exactly where their child is, but I think once mine do reach that age I will feel a little better, knowing I can have them check in. I can't imagine how totally nerve racking that was for my mom, just waiting for us to make it home safe.
  4. Whynot5

    Whynot5 Member

    20 years ago. In my hometown, which was only 12K, we did not worry about coming in after sunset. We played hide and go seek with 20+ kids every night, in the winter we hung out at the ice skating rink or rode snowmobiles around the city. There was a time when we rode our bikes to my grandparents in another town that was 12 miles away.

    In the last ten years I would not let my son go down the street to play with other kids without me taking him there and making sure the other mother was aware to watch him. Especially after on his way to elementary school, he was approached by someone in a car with the puppy story (thank God we discussed this topic with him).

    I also think there is so much more pressure for kids to grow up quickly, and the stress this puts on them. Technology is wonderful, however, it makes all the world so much closer...which is both good and bad. How many times do kids, adults for that matter of fact, get involved in situations they would not have been faced with 20 years ago?
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  5. Noel Clark

    Noel Clark Senior Member

    hmmmm Good question.

    I think that there are definite pros and cons for both

    I agree with other about back then.....we used to leave the house on Saturday and not come home for HOURS. I say to my mom now..."you just let us go, you had no idea where we were" LOL I won't let my children go out in the front yard without me now. NO WAY

    Technology improvements are good and bad too...Cell phones..great to keep track of kids and giving them the ability to call for help and stuff but given my job....the internet has made it easier for perps to get a hold of children. Scary scary stuff.

    :shrug: don't know what I would pick
  6. pixie

    pixie Well-Known Member

    Wow - ironic you bring this up.
    We don't have kids, and the 'question' about trying to have one (or adopt) has been coming up often lately.
    With global warming, the cost of daycare, the cost and arrangements for after school care, the increase of school shootings and just terrorism in general, I'm really scared to be a parent. I just can't imagine how gut wrenching is it to have a child and bring them up safely? If the decision to become parents were mine alone, DH would be going for the 'big snip' asap. He makes some very valid points for having a family, but it's a dicey decision to me (and is very against the snipping, I might add). I, for one, would really love to turn the clocks back about 20 years.
  7. Erik

    Erik Admin

    I understand the reasoning, but how sad.

    I too remember being gone for the whole day and my parents wouldn't think twice - nothing to worry about.

    Not sure what I'll feel when I finally become a parent.
  8. Noel Clark

    Noel Clark Senior Member

    Yes VERY!!

    bunch of psychos out there :dry:
  9. Jillian

    Jillian I HATE WINTER!

    I often wish things were simpler, the way they were decades ago. As a mom of a 5 year old boy...there are so many things that drive me nuts. Videogames, tv programs with sexual content/violence/harsh language, internet, rap music, ipods, sex everywhere you look, bullying, and having to have name brand clothing to fit in. also all of the junk food that is so readilly available. It is terrible what our kids are subjected to nowadays, and they just see it as being normal. If you look way back, even to the 30's and 40's, things were so much simpler. You could allow your children to walk down the street without worrying about them being abducted, or not having to worry about them being preyed on by pervs on the internet etc. It is scary what this world is coming to!
  10. Inatic

    Inatic Ya Gotta Wanna! Moderator

    id have a hard time chosing.

    I experienced some of the things like perves etc myself growing up, even as a teen. Thankfully none of my children have.

    Having a son (one of 5) turning 25, i dont feel its any easier to have parented him vs his brother(s) going forward, or the youngest, who is 8. Or even a child being born now.

    Like Noel, i say there are pros and cons.
  11. stokenator

    stokenator Well-Known Member

    I see pros and cons to both. Just because children could stay out all day years ago, doesn't mean they were any safer, just that people didn't talk about abuse and such as much as they do today.

    I think, and I've said this before, that technology has some negative things to it....too much information on internet for developing minds that are good at observing but not good at interpreting......decreased human contact which I believe could create decrease in empathy (someone is just an email, text, ect...)

    I could fill this page and many others with pros and cons I have seen through my work with kids. But I guess the main this is that kids now have a lot more information coming at them to sort through that I did as a kid.
  12. jaleena

    jaleena Banned

    How about...a ton more than 20yrs ago? Because I was growing up 20yrs ago, and we had the safety paranoia then. Couldn't play outside without direct supervision, couldn't be left home alone (even as a teenager) for even a few mins, etc.
    Wouldn't mind some of the non-childhood stuff from a lot more than 20yrs ago either :dry:
  13. Erik

    Erik Admin

    I forgot about that. That really gives you an interesting perspective, since you've done both - 20 years ago and the present.

    As an aside, I think this topic might tie into another one I have thought about and will start a new thread on later.
  14. thefuture

    thefuture Member

    I have a 24 yr old and a 14 yr. old and I think with the technology aspect of it, it was better 20 years ago. At least my oldest son went outside to play, whereas my youngest just wants to sit at a computer because he says everything else is boring. Even my nieces and nephew who are younger, would rather sit on the computer or watch tv.
  15. pavermama

    pavermama Rut Row!

    20 Years ago for sure. Things were simpler, a little safer, far less complicated IMO.
  16. Erik

    Erik Admin

    That's what my first thought was as well.
  17. Patyal

    Patyal I'm reinventing myself

    :ditto: I got my first cell phone when I was 25. Now I think is included in the school list in kindergarden :faint: I enjoyed going to school. I can't imagine the peer pressure that children go with the drug-dealers these days. :sad:

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