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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by smuggie, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. smuggie

    smuggie Maureen aka Mo

    What tips do you mavens of time management have to offer to someone who needs to improve her skills in that area, aside from "Stop spending so much time postwhoring." :lol:
  2. MichelleS

    MichelleS Well-Known Member

    :scratch: Um I don't think I can help with that one I post whore to much too.
  3. Bravogrl27

    Bravogrl27 Miss Congeniality

    I'm no maven and this is definitely an area where I need improvement, but I think I know the answer for me anyway . . . Just do it . . . I spend more time making lists and getting overwhelmed by them than if I'd just get to it and and cross things off in my head . . .

    I'd like to know how other people are so good at it though, especially those who are still able to get a full night's sleep . . . it seems if I'm really on top of stuff, organized, and getting everything done, that it always cuts into my sleep . . .
  4. KatieB

    KatieB Fake It Until You Make It

    I suck at this. Bravo's advice is good -- usually I just have to force myself to "do it" in order to get everything done.

    I know I will never be super organized and Type A -- so I do the best I can :D.
  5. smuggie

    smuggie Maureen aka Mo

    I am type A and I still suck at time management. :lol:
  6. absolut_blonde

    absolut_blonde Procrastinatrix

    Funny you should mention this.

    I'm taking Behaviour Modification, and in the class we have to do a self-improvement project. I selected procrastination, since I've always been bad for it and have gotten worse lately.

    I was all excited to work on it, keep track in my diary, etc... and now 5 weeks in, I haven't tracked in about 4 :finger: I just got totally sidetracked with other things and before I knew it, I forgot about it altogether. I think I'm incurable!
  7. Bravogrl27

    Bravogrl27 Miss Congeniality


    Sometimes "type A's" are super perfectionistic and have a hard time accomplishing everything because they want everything to be perfect . . . I consider myself more "type B" but suffer from the perfectionist thing . . . The more I try to accomplish on the list, the longer the list gets because the more I find that needs to be done or that wasn't done right . . .
  8. lchristine100

    lchristine100 Member

    I love organization! I make to-do lists and make weekly schedules and TRY to stick to them just like sticking to weekly workouts. I also try to set dead lines for any assignments due for school or work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt!
  9. poke

    poke Somewhere over the Pacific...

    If it takes 60 seconds or less to do it, do it right now.
  10. Strive2Define

    Strive2Define Banned

    I seem to function and perform better when I have everything organized and planned out.I make lists and have calendars for everything.I use Binders and planners to organize everything.I do laundry everyday and as most everyone here, I cook my food twice per week.I am a huge multi-tasker.I f I am on the phone(which I hate) I am sorting mail or doing SOMETHING.Just basically I use every minute of everyday.
  11. freckles

    freckles Senior Member


    With the exception of cooking food ahead, I am always doing two things at once - like postwhoring while I fold laundry, paybills, and study :oops: My entire week is planned out nearly hour by hour - sad but if I don't plan out all the kids activities and my activities I get anxious.

    Get yourself an agenda, plan everything out, and stick to it!
  12. Bunny

    Bunny Blessed

    It's easy to do the things we want :) For me I try to set up things as a system of rewards. So, I might for instance catch up on journals here, go toss a load of laundry in, empty the dishwasher & pick up some toys and then come back online to check e-mail.

    I try to look at the big picture and remind myself of what's important & what matters and let little things slide where I can. My house is messier than some for instance much of the time, as it's something low on the list. It's not dirty, just not tidy either. I get annoyed with it every so often & do a big clean-up, and that works for me.

    I try to make sure I don't make extra trips for things - to me it's more time efficient to spend one weekend morning doing all my errands (for instance groceries, library, pet store, pharmacy) rather than a bunch of little trips to each place separately.

    Look at where you're more productive between evening & morning & adjust bedtimes as appropriate. I had a bad habit of staying up too late and then oversleepign in the morning & feeling rushed at the start of the day, and for me I felt better when I got myself to bed earlier & got up an hour earlier and had time to enjoy coffee & breakie at home, make my lunch & get in some post-whoring time without feelign rush-rush-rush. Some people would rathewr get the lunch ready the night before, have clothes picked out for the morning etc & get up later - you have to know yourself to know which would work better for you.

    Dunno if any of that helps ......
  13. liberty

    liberty Active Member

    Here's a huge time saver.... touch paper items only once. Say you bring in the mail, deal with it all right then and there. Pay the bill, throw out the junk mail etc. Putting things down for later and constantly picking things up aagain and again is a massive time waster.
  14. Rafferty

    Rafferty Member

    It helps to do whatever you need (lists, etc.) to keep your tasks in mind. Second, prioritize; focus on accomplishing the most important ones first (and you have to define importance in whatever is meaningful for you). Third, set deadlines & stick to them. Don't allow yourself to procrastinate.
  15. radgirl

    radgirl Give me da candy!!!

    I'm a type A, OCD/OCPD. Time management can be overbearring for me in that every little detail MUST be planned out. I'm very regimented and if someone or something throws in a wrench, I'm totally bent out of shape. NOT GOOD! So, some take home advice:

    make list and cross them off as you go
    use calendars and planners with reminders (let's you take more off your mind)
    do it as soon as your remember (again, less to think about)
    plan a day to do certain things and stick with it
    try not to make back to back appointments and fill up your schedule too much (can be overwhelming)
    saying NO and get help from those you count on

    Hope this helps.
  16. smuggie

    smuggie Maureen aka Mo

    Thanks for the responses, everyone. I'm already doing a lot of this stuff already. I guess it's bye-bye postwhoring for me. :crying: :wavesad:
  17. jrb1980

    jrb1980 Well-Known Member

    Time management is ESSENTIAL to my life. My advice, stop watching TV immediately (if you do want any) and limit internet time to when you are doing other stuff - i.e waiting for a phone call, taking a 5 min brain break, etc.

    For me, everything must be scheduled (including flex time) and it must get done then, I can't not feel like doing grocery shopping Saturday morning, meal prep on Sunday or laundry and linen on Wed nights - dumb stuff like that has to be planned out. That said, I do work 60+ hr weeks, am starting an independant business, finishing a class, working out, and still trying to have a social life.

    Just don't become someone who sets stuff aside and make sure of all your time is being put to use - even if it means going to the movies with a friend - just don't "waste" it.

    At work I also make list of things I must accomplish and things I need to accomplish. I never go home until the musts are done

    For workouts - before 6 am no question.
  18. jurate00

    jurate00 Well-Known Member

    that is me. I schedule regular tasks on computer with repeat dates. weekly tasks, monthly tasks, yearly tasks. Things like laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, house cleaning - all have set times in the week . prety routine regime. Works like a charm. I do not like computer calendar and use it only for repeat events as a reminder, - once a week I pull up my computer calendar and write down that week's stuff into my binder calander I carry with me everywhere. then i can see what can/needs to be filled in in the rest of available time. plan my week on Sunday night, review to do lists every night.
    I am much more flexible now, since work much less hours, and school is finished, so I do have more time to things like postwhoring :D. But already think should drastically reduce that and spend more time reading, sign up for some classes of interest and such.... I continuosly want to learn something and get the most of my time. Time management is essential for that ..
    if i didn't plan I probbably would not get anything done
  19. Eric Cressey

    Eric Cressey Active Member


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