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    MMMM....patchouli....spicy is good....think I might like this one
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    Espi perfumes, not chocolate!

    You will not really know from the notes alone: sometimes things look great on paper and then you dislike it when you put it on.. the reverse can be true as well: I thought the one I am wearing again for today (Eau de Gloire) would not be my cup of tea, and while it isn't I love how it smells because of the connotations (sp?)

    Fortunately buying samples is a rather straightforward matter.. the bottles aren't crazy expensive (for a niche fragrance) but still a big chunk of money when you find out to not like it after wearing it a couple of times!
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    Espi perfumes, not chocolate!

    On to the fragrances: 2nd one of this house Les Parfums de Rosine , a French firm that focuses entirely on roses. The interesting part is that this house started in 1912 or so and produced a great many fragrances until the 1930s but then stopped (bankruptcy) .. only to be resurrected in the early 1990s!
    From them I bought a sample pack of 15 fragrances

    It is almost a pity to forcefully detach with a scissor the vials from the pretty cards to which they are attached but I don't know how else to do it.

    For today: Roseberry from 1997 (2nd after the 'first' release "La rose de rosine" in 1991.


    notes: iris Black Currant Turkish Rose Red Berries
    Turkish Rose18
    Red Berries11
    Black Currant10

    just one review then from a respected reviewer
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