rant and vent... cheat DAY (s) ;-(

Discussion in 'Diet, Nutrition and Supplements' started by kelster, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. kelster

    kelster ...

    so im quite disappointed in myself and just need to rant/vent...

    flew back east for a much overdue family fix and we had our annual charity xmas party... well i knew that i was going to not eat clean yesterday but before i knew it not only had i not eaten clean but i think i about ate enough to feed a small army!!! i ate an insane amout of food! heros, turkey and gravy, coffee cake (multiple servings!!!) , cheesecake, kielbasa, ham, other sweets and wine on top of it all!! SO i woke up this AM and decided that it was ok, one day wouldn't throw me off too much (right???) so today was going to be a better day... well then we had another fam get together to celebrate a bday and went for 'high tea' complete with finger sammiches, desserts and scones... then tonite hit the leftovers from the party... so once again, repeat of yesterday...

    realistically and maybe im just need some reassurance here (haha) but how much damage did i do? guess i can expect a few pounds... SHOOT... RATS!!! not looking forward to the next couple of days... im gonna plump up like dog food in water, ahhaha!!! gotta love that wet dog food feeling ;-)

    ok, vent over...
  2. Sportsgirl

    Sportsgirl Well-Known Member

    It happens to the best of us.

    In the past when I've gone crazy I normally just eat low carb for the next couple of days and drink A LOT of water and that seems to help a bit with the water retention.

    You'll be fine :thumb:
  3. TillyT

    TillyT All Over It


    Been there done that! The best thing to do is to stop beating yourself up over it and move on. You can do it! :thumb:

    So consider yourself reassured! :wink:
  4. Swiss

    Swiss Member

    If it's any consolation, my weekend was sorta like yours . :wavesad:

    Husband's Christmas Party Friday night (not too bad that night; did fine with the food and the desserts were terrible, but on the way home ohhhh, I just had to have DH stop at Dunkin' Donuts of all places, didn't I).

    Last night was my annual Christmas Dinner with my two best friends. Again, did fine with the meal (fish and veggies, a small amount of rice pilaf, NO bread). Then opened my gifts from my one friend and she got me LINDT CHOCOLATES!! It went downhill from there. And today wasn't too great either.

    Just get back on track tomorrow...I'm sure the damage won't be too much (let's hope).
  5. lynn

    lynn Psst...I know The SECRET

    2 days is really no biggie:wink:
  6. strongchick

    strongchick Well-Known Member

    Its that time of year....

    Just stay off the scale to avoid seeing the water bloat. And get back in the game.
  7. AugustGirl

    AugustGirl Member


    :lol: sorry but I had to laugh at this description! I was always surprised at how my dog's food used to expand SO much when we added water. I have never heard anybody use that to describe bloating but it totally fits! :lol:

    anyway, I hope you can allow yourself to relax and realize that it really is ok. I know the holidays shouldn't be an excuse to go totally nuts but most people indulge during this time of year as part of celebrating good times with the people they love. I understand why you feel the way you do but you are beautiful and a few pieces of coffee cake won't change that :)
  8. firstchik

    firstchik Wagon? what wagon?

    been there tooooo many times to count. i wonder why the day after a cheat and all the guilt we cheat again? :shrug: i do it too. it takes a few days to get back on the wagon. stay away from the scale. trust me, i eat like a horse, feel guilty then get on the scale to really depress myself. vicious cycle. trying to work on that. drink lots of h20!!
  9. GraceGirl

    GraceGirl His Beautiful Paradox

    Agreed. The water retention and bloating is the worst effect of big cheats I face, but take two or three days low carb, downing a gallon of water a day, and that bloat is Bu-BYE!!!!!!!!
  10. kelster

    kelster ...

    thanks all!!! feeling much better thanks to ur replies!!

    bloating = NO FUN!! ACK!!!

    and yah August Girl, BIG fan of that line, hee hee!! i agree, very accurate description!!
  11. AugustGirl

    AugustGirl Member


    :lol: I'm loving that line! It's definitely a perfect way to describe that feeling

    so glad you are feeling better :)

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