Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

Discussion in 'Fitness & Pregnancy' started by Bubblicious, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Bubblicious

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    I know I've heard my share. With my first, I was told not to vacuum at ALL - the back and forth motion was suppose to be 'bad' and also not to reach above my head as it would wrap the cord around the baby's neck. (I'm beginning to see why I gained so much weight with my first :shock: ) The 2nd time around I didn't listen to those as much. But this time, if my mother saw me lifting weights at the gym, she'd strangle me :lol: The woman won't hardly let me lift my purse in her sight :blink: So the gym thing is between you and me :ninja:

    One more to add - my sister's baby had a problem with crossed eyes and her in laws told her it was because she saw a rattlesnake while she was preggo :blink:
  2. RpH

    RpH I'm actually educated

    Yep, a rattlesnake will do that every time.
  3. Bubblicious

    Bubblicious Human Incubator!

    Apparently so :huh:
  4. Meadows

    Meadows misses her dad

    Heartburn = lots of hair.

    Hubby's family tried to get me to pee in Drano to determine the sex of the baby. They did the pencil tied to a string trick too.

    Carrying a certain way means boy, a different way means girl. The way I carried should have meant boy, but Sadie is all girl.

    I am sure there were more. I'll have to think.
  5. Bubblicious

    Bubblicious Human Incubator!

    I've heard of the draino test :lol: My aunt did a needle on a string over my belly - it said I was going to have a boy - I had a girl :) My SIL thought that sleeping more on your right side, I think, meant that you were having a boy. And of course she believed she proved those theories out.
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  6. Blondell

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    My sister was told that if you talk negatively about a person, while pregnant, your baby comes out looking like that person. :lol:

    What if you talk negatively about a lot of different people? :unsure: :funny:
  7. char-dawg

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  8. Erik

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    Strong bump!
  9. kaydee

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    I wish the heartburn = hair thing was son is bald as bald can be, but holy heartburn lol
  10. Sowbug

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    I especially like the one where they say you HAVE to gain weight in order to have a healthy baby.

    Horse baloney!

    With BOTH of my pregnancies I mysteriously got "pregnancy onset gastric bypass surgery" (this is my own term folks, doesn't really exist) as I became SO NOT HUNGRY *EVER* and only put on ten pounds the entire 9 months.

    My doctor was hella pissed and kept telling me I'd have a premie or a small baby. WRONG.

    Both of the little suckers took whatever from me and were both 7+ pounds.

    I didn't start off "fluffy" either. I was 120lbs and 130 in month nine.

    Then that whole nonsense about taking in an extra 500 calories during nursing? Turned out to be baloney for me as well.

    I stayed really, really, REALLY hydrated but still wasn't hungry. I think the first three months all I wanted was cheerios and basically could nurse every kid on the dang block with leftovers for other countries.

    Went from 130 post delivery to 110 5 months in.

    When both boys were 11 months old they were done with me. DONE.

    Fine, no worries, I wanted my dang boobs back anyway.

    Unfortunately my appetite came back as well and mother porked up to 139 within a year.

    At 5'3, it wasn't pretty. So, enter exercise and weight training for the old bag (that's me) and all is back to normal.

    Anyway, just sayin', one doesn't have to 'eat for two' or go balls out when they're pregnant if they're NOT hungry.

    'Course, every situation is different, but I've had a trillion girlfriends "eat for the baby", have the baby, and then have the weight of a sixth-grader to lose.

    I just wasn't hungry at all. Maybe I'm the only freak of nature.
  11. Zee17

    Zee17 New Member

    Balsamic vinegar does NOT bring on labor.
  12. Zee17

    Zee17 New Member

    I also wanted to add that wine during pregnancy in moderation is no problem. My husband learned this after going through medical school. I think this is fantastic news, but you still look bad if you do it. I never did just because I didn't want the looks. While at home though, I did indulge in some reds now and then. Also, smoking a little bit after the first trimester isn't harmful as once believed, in fact not really harmful at all to baby. Harmful to you, though? uh, yeah.
  13. glassmmam

    glassmmam Well-Known Member

    Ya that drinking thing ... With our first baby I drank maybe 1 beer a week maybe less ... We were at a party once and I got "THE LOOK" and COmments from a guy no less ... I replied back to him, "Mmm if you can prove that my 1 glass of beer is going to make my kid as wacked as your 18 yo criminal, then by all means I will quit now!" He shut up quickly ;)

    Now, drinking a 6-pack a day would probably be a problem ;)
  14. mackie

    mackie With my hero, Brigitte Gabriel

    I find this very hard to believe. Perhaps not as harmful as smoking during the early weeks but... "not really harmful at all" ??? I seriously doubt that.

    I'm willing to bet that for every study suggesting that it is harmless, there is another to contradict it. :shrug:
  15. RuthieJ

    RuthieJ New Member

    My mom said "Show me your hands" and whichever way I held them when I showed her was supposed to determine the sex of the baby! She also would not let me stand near the microwave! This is also the woman who yelled at my belly "Come out now I want to meet you" and I went into labor that night, so maybe the crazy lady is on to something!

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