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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by Cindy Day, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Cindy Day

    Cindy Day Well-Known Member

    I've read a few comments combined with my own experience with planned cheats that have me wondering a couple of things. So, for those of you that take planned/scheduled cheats, please share your experiences. I am referring to cheat "meals" with this, not days or weeks. ;)

    1. Do you feel they help you (personally) or hinder your progress (would you do better or worse without them)?
    2. How long do you retain the water weight after a cheat meal?
    3. Do frequent (i.e., weekly) cheats help you keep cheats smaller (portions) than say taking a cheat meal every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks?

    I'm obviously debating whether I should have them or not. I had my first cheat meal (after starting with Erik) after 2 weeks on plan and it took me a full week to drop the water weight gain. Now I wonder if I should quit them all together (wouldn't be that big of deal to me), or possibly do them weekly but make them smaller. (My one was not a total blow out, but it wasn't small either.)

    Appreciate any and all feedback. I know Christie has had cheat meals and refeeds with most excellent results but I also know that no two bodies are the same. :)
  2. Blondell

    Blondell Former Postwhore

    1. mostly hinder...
    2. about three-four days :curse:
    3. I've never tried them frequently
  3. tanyab

    tanyab Member

    About seven years ago I did the Body for Life plan and had a cheat day. I lost 20 lbs on that plan.
    The cheat day helped me to get through the week. ;)
  4. Pearly

    Pearly Un-puffifying

    My last cheat meal helped me to break through my plateaued weight. Mind you, I have only had two in the last 18 weeks.
    I gained 6 lbs, and lost it in 3 days, then kept losing for the rest of the week (2 lbs that week), then 2 this week.
    I am comp dieting, so it might be different. In the off season this year, I am going to eat really clean and fairly restrictive all week and have one cheat day. I can control that better than 2 cheat meals b/c then I start to graze and then it's game over for clean eating.

    Experiement a little to see what works for you.
    IF I eat less sugar, and more fat/ carbs, I retain the water for a shorter time too.
  5. christie

    christie Senior Member

    I don't feel like cheat meals have hindered my progress even though sometimes I feel they have, getting rid of the water weight :curse: I try not to weigh myself for a few days after the cheat meal because I know that it will only mess with my mind. I usually have my cheat the day that I send my bi-weekly in and ideally that's the only cheat for the two weeks but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. It seems to me that when I tell myself that I can't cheat is when it happens and not so planned :oops: The planned cheats are a lot better for me. When I say planned I mean PLANNED :lol: x amount of this, x amount of that, and x amount of this and I'm done. Sometimes I've had small cheats- bread and peanut butter and for some reason after that I didn't have the desire to eat more and more like I do if I eat sweets as a cheat.

    If you don't need a cheat then I would say don't have it. Personally if I didn't have a cheat I would probably go all out crazy one full day which would probably mess up my progress and not solely weight wise but mentally I would feel defeated. I would hate to have to tell Erik that I gorged my face out all day :sad: . I think Erik has said in the past that cheat meals are for psychological reasons and not so much physical. When you need the extra food for phsycial reasons I think a refeed is introduced?
  6. jill

    jill Member

    Of course I like the cheat "food" yumyum But like you I hold water for 7-9 days. Although I know its only water that scale # messes with ME.
  7. cm13cm

    cm13cm Member

    i take measurements and pics every six weeks. thats the only time i weigh myself too. otherwise id be driving myself crazy. i have been very scale obsessed in the past, ed issues etc. water weight is a :curse:
  8. magdalynaa

    magdalynaa Jabber Jaws

    :funny: Oh, no, trust me... he's used to that kind of report. My descriptions of free meals were more like, "What didn't I eat??" This is not to say, of course, that this is a particularly clever way to approach dieting. :suicide:

    If you can go without a free meal, then why not just skip them? Maybe have structured refeeds (which, I would guess, would do more physiologically than a free meal anyway).

    I'm PSMFing right now, and my calorie intake is insanely low. I think that even with the extra calories from my free meal, it still doesn't put me far from my maintenance intake. Also, I've learned not to eat everything in sight, coupled with the fact that after PSMFing for a few weeks now, I just can't fit a whole lotta food in my stomach, even if I wanted to. The scale goes up maybe a pound... maybe two... after a refeed or free meal now.

    Those all day gorge-fests (pizza, ice cream, brownies, cheese sticks, wings, and a liter or so of Coke) used to put on 6-8lbs of water weight sometimes. But why worry about water weight anyway? It's going to drop off eventually. After you get on a structured program, you'll eventually figure your body out well enough that you'll know in advance what's going to make your weight go up, and you won't care because you'll know that the number on the scale is not a very good indicator of progress. I know that it's easier said than done, but it is certainly possible. It's taken me awhile, but I've gotten there. :)
  9. strongchick

    strongchick Well-Known Member

    I've never really done it but I'm considering starting. I think it would help people be more consistent with their meals during the week if they know they can relax at least once.

    Because honestly, ONE cheat meal isn't going to make a big difference either way.
  10. LUVPINK222

    LUVPINK222 Well-Known Member

    It helps me to stay on track, knowing I have something to look forward to. I would go crazy without it. I don't have the problem with the water weight. After my last cheat I was down 2 lbs two days later.
  11. JK333

    JK333 On the Road to "Thunderbilt"

    I find the one cheat meal a week really helps me stay on track. I know I can have a meal of my choice and that prevents me from having just a little bit of this and a little bit of that all week - those little bits really add up. So I strictly stick to my plan all week and have my cheat meal sometime on the weekend. I have not found it to make any big difference weight wise.

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