Maintenance ? ballpark for fat & carb garms

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    Okay so in a nutshell:

    Metabolic Damage here, and on Erik's waitlist until likely April of 2012 (my rough guess LOL).

    Last competition was July 23rd. 5'6" comp weight was somewhere in the high 140's although i wasn't lean enough (we fought my body the entire prep---typical starve & cardio contest prep protocol). Tried desperately to maintain an off-season weigh in the 155-160 range.

    Then one weekend travelling *bam* up 8 lbs. Couldn't get it back off... weight kept creeping up.... finally knee injury early Nov to my knee forcing me to stop cardio. It's moot to say my weight kept going up.

    See, i'm a little thick sometimes LOL finally realized that i've been completely brainwashed by the industry for so long. Decided that i needed to obviously stop what i was doing, and work with my body to get back to "normal".

    I took a systematic approach with raising my calories using clean foods (didn't just go on a junk-food bender or anything---although i won't lie, it was very tempting!! LOL). My weight seems to be leveled out now at a "curvy" (*w* trying to be positive here LOL) 185lbs. Since i'm basically experimenting until i get on an official plan, my thoughts where to hang out at a nice cushy maintenance phase indefinitely (aka till i'm off the wait list LOL) to help my body relax and help teach it that i'm not going to starve it any more. I am not doing any cardio. I got a 3-day MET plan from Scott Abel. And aside from [trying] gymnastics 2-3 x a week (which isn't cardio-like; because of my knee, i'm pretty much trying to do handstands for 30 min LOL), that's it for working out.

    Now that i've rambled on.. the question i have is this: i have no idea what range i should be in is fats & carbs. I stay in calorie range of approx 2,590 (my maintenance calories at 14xbw, is 2,590 daily). Protein i'm keeping at around 185-190 g daily. Should fats be around 40-50g/day and the rest carbs? Or higher? Like 80g/day, and the rest carbs?

    What kind of bio-feedback should i pay attention to in order to determine this?

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