Macronutrient Percentages - Who Cares?

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    great read by Erik, thought it was worth dragging over:

    Given the frequency that macro percentages are mentioned, I thought I'd put up some thoughts on them.

    What is the ideal macronutrient percentage of protein, carbs, and fats?

    First and foremost, this is obviously very goal dependent. Meaning, that these numbers would most likely be different whether one’s goal is primarily fat loss or muscle gain. That aside, the idea of looking at macronutrients as a percentage of your total caloric intake is highly overrated. There is no magic or even any great advantage to any specific percentage of protein, carbs, or fat in your diet. By using percentages you’re working on a ‘relative’ scale (relative to your total calories) and there are potential disadvantages to using this approach. For example, 40% of 1500 calories is a lot different than 40% of 2500 calories. This approach fails to take into consideration overall caloric intake, which is affected by a number of different variables – the amount of muscle you carry and whether your dieting for fat loss or more focused on muscle gain for example. So while the percentage is constant, the absolute number of protein, carb, or fat grams is much different, and this is what is important – how much you’re putting in your mouth. Even with what seems like good percentages, you could still be getting too little or too much of any macronutrient. Maybe you’re shooting for 40% protein; assuming 1500 calories, this works out to about 150 grams of protein. Depending on one’s bodyweight, this could be reasonable. However, let’s take that 40% and apply it to a 2500 calorie diet. That same 40% now equates to 250 grams of protein. Something tells me this is likely overkill for most of women - regardless of what someone might tell you. The science does not support the idea of huuuuuuuge protein intakes. In the end, the wisest approach is to focus on how much of each macronutrient you’re eating per pound of bodyweight. You could be eating 40/40/20 every day, but if you're eating 10000 calories a day, it doesn't matter.

    What matters is HOW MUCH you're eating, not the relative amount of one macronutrient to another.
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    This was a good that I have been putting into practice in my own quest for finding the right balance of food in my diet whilst I wait on Erik's loooooong's only been a week that I've Been on this list, feels like forever!!! Bahahaha
    I'm having a hard time meeting the PRO requirement for the day even with the addition of whey into my diet...not having a problem hitting the FAT or the CHO though and even though my caloric deficit is set at 1507... I am always ending up between 1250-1375. I think I am making quality food choices but perhaps I still need to look at this area and tweak it a bit more. I'm not looking to compete (yet)....I just want to shred some lingering fat...and keep it off sensibly. Any tips would be appreciated.
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    You'll get used to it. Can't you put more powder into the protein shake?
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    I can do the math, but where I run into trouble is turning the numbers into a food plan. Any suggestions?
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    I typically take the number of calories I need to consume in a day, figure out how many meals I eat every day (right now I'm experimenting with 5 meals a day) and divide my target by the number of meals I'll eat in a day. Then I start thinking about what I want to eat and use MyFitnessPal to set up my serving sizes to hit my targets.
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    I don't have the flexibility of serious macro nutrient intake/discipline like competitors have due to family and working commitments, however using the myfitnesspal app keeps my daily calories in check and since I have started doing this 3-4 weeks ago I'm finding the amount of calories quite adequate (Bloke = 10 x 205 =2050 cal). I am loosing weight (fat) slowly and seeing slight changes in composition each week and therefore am satisfied with out meeting each macro number spot on. I do find that I don't have the strength for the gym as I used to have but when in Caloric decline, that's to be expected but I do what I can and I can see the results so far. One day I'd like to get serious with the Macros but at the moment it wouldn't work for long in my circumstances, the wife just doesn't understand lol....But I can do the calorie count way easier........ oh and I enjoy a couple of drinks but they are counted too, so my changes are slower again....but I'm enjoying life too!!!
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    whats wrong in having shake thrice a day?

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