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Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by mich56, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. mich56

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    I am wondering if anyone here has ever done some Laser Therapy on any tendons, ligaments etc...

    My chiro was thinking it would be a good idea for my shoulder. At least to incorporate that plus adjustment (on my spine) and the ART I have been doing. But I haven't ever heard of it. Of course it cost $45 per 1/2 hour session, and I would most likely need 10 sessions :pimpslap:

    It sounds interesting.
  2. MuscleMama

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    Is it LLLT (low level laser therapy) or a "cold laser"? I had some of those treatments after surgery last year (abdomen) to help with the healing and scar tissue. I read up on it and was really intrigued. It isn't well known yet, but does seem very promising.

    I also rented one of the home units to use for a week and used it on my face, too. I have rosacea and was very pleasantly surprised by how much it helped the redness. I'm thinking of buying my own, but there are lots of different companies, makes and models. Some are nothing more than an led lightbulb, but some are legit.

    I'll see if I still have the links I read before...
  3. MuscleMama

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  4. Alicrmt

    Alicrmt Something's gotta give!

    Meh, in the PT world, I've heard mixed reviews....patients seem to like it because many of them are so all about passive therapy (read: they are lazy).

    I have read a few studies with no definitive conclusions....

    Have you tried therapeutic ultrasound?
  5. DarkAnimal73

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    Han killed Greedo with a laser
  6. mich56

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  7. mich56

    mich56 Well-Known Member

    No I have tried anything but a little bit of Massage Therapy with Bodhi and Len for muscle a little bit of rehab.

    It is actually starting to feel better. Perhaps I am getting stronger in that shoulder, and it is helping?

    I certainly am not lazy...:ban:

    Therapeutic Ultrasound? I think I can do that with Bodhi? I will look into it though. Thanks!
  8. LisainNE

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    I am a chiropractor and we use low level laser therapy in our office. Specifically, I have a Q-1000 laser. I have seen in work wonders in soo many people with a variety of different conditions. I would definitely consider it!
  9. lynn

    lynn Psst...I know The SECRET

    My mom's boyfriend had it on his knees and it was incredible for him!

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