Jihad CANNOT be WISHED away

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    mackie With my hero, Brigitte Gabriel

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    mackie With my hero, Brigitte Gabriel

    And for anyone among us who might still insist that America provokes jihad by invading "Muslim lands" -- or by its historical support of the "evil" Israel -- please tell me who provoked jihad long before there was an Israel. Long before there was an America.

    And fastforwarding to fairly recent and ongoing events: If jihad is America's fault, please explain...

    • why Buddhist monks are murdered in Thailand by Islamic jihadists.
    • why little Christian girls are beheaded in Indonesia by Islamic jihadists.
    • why "imperfect" Muslims are slaughtered by "perfect" Muslims in the Middle East (and elsewhere).
    • why people are massacred in Beslen by Islamic terrorists.
    • why Hindus are massacred in India by Islamic jihadists.
    • why Coptic Christians are massacred in Egypt in their own churches. Including a recent attack where the jihadists celebrated by smiling, laughing, and dancing on the blown-up, bloody, smoldering bodyparts -- and screeching ALLAHU AKBARRRRR!!!! and for extra fun, video-recording the event.
    • etc., etc., e.. t.. fawkin'.. c!
    Please tell me who is "provoking" the above jihad. And what the fawk any-of-the-above has to do with America. Thank you.

    Sorry to be a downer. But I've about had it with the media and government whitewashing the motives, the ties, the depth, scope and magnitude of the ideology-driven attack that caused the deaths, wounds, and oss of limbs at the Boston Marathon.
    Jihadists and jihad-supporters worldwide (including right here) are celebrating :yayconfetti: high-fivin' the attacks -- and laughing, joking about how funny it will be, for those who had their legs blown off, to try running the next marathon. This is fucking sick! sick! Words cannot describe. Yet our PC media and PC government won't even try to find the words. They are ignoring it. Sweeping it under the rug, in favor of sympathizing with the poor, little, misunderstood, troubled young Tzaranaev brothers. Afterall, we don't want to stir up "Islamophobia" about the "religion of peace" (i.e., face reality).

    And before someone is compelled to "inform" me that not all Muslims are jihadists:

    Yes, I know. I KNOW that all Muslims are not jihadists. I know that most are not jihadists. However, ALL Jihadists ARE Muslims. And while the jihadists account for only a small percentage of Muslims -- it is a small percentage of a HUGE (and growing number) which makes even that small percentage a disturbingly large number. And they are wreaking havoc in ever escalating volumes, worldwide. Yet we are doing nothing to change the direction of our crumbling homeland security -- because we don't want offend anyone (among other disturbing reasons).

    Thanks for listening.
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    well said. Thanks for posting.

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