I lost 100 pounds, and want help others! Ideas please.

Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by baybygirl31, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. baybygirl31

    baybygirl31 Member

    Hi my LBC/MMT family!

    I'm coming up on my 100 weight loss milestone- a milestone that's been almost 7 years in the making- and I want to put together a celebration for myself and those who've been a source of inspiration and support for me. I'm not one to celebrate my success in a public way for personal satisfaction, but I think if anything in life deserves a celebration, and at the same time awareness, it's this. I also want to give back to the community, particularly to help others who are struggling like I was when I was feeling lost. I wish I would have had the tools to be healthy when I was younger, but I just didn't know where to start. I want to give someone the tools they need if they're ready to use them.

    Anyway, I'd like to put together a celebration/fundraiser and need some ideas on how to execute it. The main idea is that I want the party to be held at a local roller rink. YEP, roller skating party! I've always loved roller skating and when I was younger I wanted to be the one that could dance-skate, do tricks, and make the backwards skate look effortless. But I was stuck at home babysitting my sisters, and my single mom never had money to put us in any activities. I also want to incorporate Zumba since Zumba really helped cement fitness as a daily activity in my life. In a way, it symbolizes how I've come full circle. It's also important to me to have the event be physical in nature, family friendly, and not be focused around food/drink.

    So I'm looking for ideas on how to incorporate 100 pounds lost and fund raising into the event.

    For example, 100 pounds for 100 sponsored kids, 100 pounds for 100 laps-Sponsor a skater/dancer?

    Open to all suggestions! Thanks in advance!
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  2. jamistar77

    jamistar77 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Ill think about some ideas, but may i say what a huge heart you have, and CONGRATS on that milestone!
  3. MrsTish

    MrsTish Member

    YOU are amazing Corrine ~ gonna have to think but I LOVE your ideas and where your going with this !!!!! LOVE !!!!

    I would start by talking to the rink owner/manager....let them know your not raising money.....maybe they'll help you...AND it could benefit them and YOUR mission !!!
  4. mackie

    mackie With my hero, Brigitte Gabriel

    I'm not very creative with this type of thing. Sorry, I'm no help but I think its a great thing that you plan do do this.

    And congrats on your transformation!!! I know you don't want to make this all about you and your success but you deserve to be commended. Nice work!!!
  5. char-dawg

    char-dawg Mr. Observant

    You could maybe get some guys out there with an ice-challenge. "Who among you is man enough to do 100 push-ups on a sheet of ice?" No gloves allowed. Get hardcore.

    I wouldn't fall for something like that, but there are probably some powerlifters in your area. ;)
  6. baybygirl31

    baybygirl31 Member

    Thank you all! I'm not creative with this type of thing either; hence my post . :)

    I LOVE the idea of getting the guys involved and incorporating a 100's challenge!

    Keep 'em coming!
  7. brooket

    brooket Active Member

    What about a $100 donation class for 100 minutes of Zumba for the 100 pounds? I would think people can combine their money to get to $100 if that is too much???

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