I am an LBC client that doesn't make progress

Discussion in 'Diet, Nutrition and Supplements' started by GreekGirl, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. GreekGirl

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    Hi everyone,

    I am starting this thread without having a malicious intention against LBC - just a disclaimer. I feel that I need to reach out to people that can share their experiences and help me understand what's going on with me.

    I am 15 weeks into my programme and I haven't made any substantial progress and this is of course something I am responsible for it. My exercise programme is very good and my nutrition plans very balanced - so no complaints again.

    The issue that I have is that I make progress for 2 weeks in a row with 100% compliance but that leaves me tired, cranky, hungry, having cravings and there have been nights that I haven't been sleeping well, either because I feel so tired that I can't sleep or sometime feeling hungry and waking up in the night with stomach cramps. I would say that I have only 4-5 lbs maybe to lose and there will be hardly any fat on me. I am 5.7 and 118 lbs. Very lean everywhere apart from my bottom.

    So what happens is that after a good steak of compliance, I feel I need to eat more. It is an overpowering urge for food. Not sugar, not sweets but more food. To give you an idea what of will overeat, it will be something like several sandwiches of wholemeal bread and ham, wholemeal bread and peanut butter, apples, bananas. It is just so overwhelming that I am starting to believe that I have some hormonal issues or that my body doesn't want to lean out anymore. This has been happening since July and I am reaching a point that I don't know what to do with my coaching. It is well spent money but I am not making progress.

    Please believe me when I say that I love healthy food. I love my chicken, my eggs, my oats, my yoghurt, my steak, my brown rice, my white rice, my potatoes - I love everything. That's the way I have always been eating 90% of the time (before LBC) with the occasional indulgences with my husband and two little boys which probably didn't help with my progress either. So eating this type of food is not difficult for me and I don't mentally struggle with the idea that I will have this food. Especially the past 2 weeks I have been creative and added more spices, low cal pastes to make food more interesting. I do feel that once or twice a week I need something special. Most of the time I am rushing around with work, kids, housework etc and I don't put much effort to make meals special.

    Has anyone else had similar issues trying to shred the last bit of fat and being unable to? My coach keeps telling me it is a mindset thing, diet prison and all the rest but I DON'T FEEL like that at all. I just have days that I need to eat more and for 3 months now I tell myself that I can do it, that I am happy but one day comes and wipes out the rest of the week.
  2. kirstny

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    Sorry for your struggles. But, maybe your body is just happy where it's at? 118 at 5'7" is very slim. Maybe to see the changes you want to see you would need to do a bulk first?
  3. novamt

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    My understanding is that the leaner you are, the higher compliance it requires and the more time it takes to see the change. At 5'7" and 118 with only 5 pounds to lose, you must be very, very lean already.
  4. Amy

    Amy Just say no to CANDY!!!

    How long have you been dieting?
  5. GreekGirl

    GreekGirl Member

    With the exception of my deviations and cheats, I have been dieting since I had my son who is 19 months.

    There have been days during this time that I would not stick to my diet for up to 3-4 days, not complete blow out though but definitely more.

    That's why I can't consider myself that I have been dieting too long, because I have never been compliant for more than 2 weeks at any one time. When I had my son I was 136 lbs and now I am 118 lbs. So in 19 months I have lost 18.5 lbs
  6. Ange

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    I actually am in a very similar situation that you are. Ive been a client for 3 months now and I haven't gone more than 2 weeks of 100% compliance. I did a 2 week streak once and I am struggling to do it again. I almost pulled myself from coaching because I felt like I was wasting my own money. I absolutely love the program and I also do NOT feel like I am deprived. I have had overwhelming cravings (more like urges) for sweets. I could literally eat a bulk food store clean of the candy aisle in 15 minutes flat...LOL!
    But novamt was correct in stating that it is more difficult for leaner people to lose the last little bit. Compliance of 95% likely wont even cut it. I notice less changes when I use my sub calculator as well as not getting enough water. A lot of things with factor in to your success/struggles, like compliance previous dieting history etc. Just know, you are not alone. Keep your chin up and challenge yourself to bring your compliance % up. Good luck! (I should take my own advice lol - easier said than done sometimes, I know!):dope:
  7. I was so relieved to see this thread… although I really have NO EXCUSES! I just started my program with LBC only 7 days ago! So I had 100% compliance from last Tuesday through last night:( I was super uncomfortable and felt super "out of control". I quit smoking a month ago tomorrow and one of my job's contracts is not being renewed.. just a few important things that got to me -- enough for me to jump out of bed at 9:40, started with just a few bags of veggies, then proceeded to make several PB/J sandwiches, french toast and polish off a pint of ice cream. Dammit! Ok, well today I woke up with a great attitude and am going to get my 14 days of compliance in because day 15 is Christmas Eve. No excuses. Anyone else set themselves back so early in the game?
  8. Ange

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    Hi Jennifer! :wave: I don't think it matters WHEN you go off track...truth of the matter is,its hard to make a lifestyle change and you will slip up. I had a bad week also but I happened to have my binge and "in a rut" feeling when I started seeing results. What gives, I know! It sounds so silly, but I figured a little bite wont hurt. That bite lead to uncontrollable candy benders haha. I laugh about it now, because I have been trying my best to stay compliant. Keep your goal in mind. What helped me, was constantly checking in on the forums and reading anything. Looking at pictures that inspire me. Look at your beginning photos and imagine putting your bikini on. Pretend tomorrow is your biweekly sub day. I always log my meals whenever I have a chance to hop on the computer throughout each day. Keep reminding yourself. I know its tough, we have all been there and unfortunately may be there again. Its awesome that you felt better mentally about everything when you woke up, because sometimes it can stick with you and play with your mind for days! Let Megan know about your cheats/mishaps in a personal email to let her know whats going on. You wont want to send those emails often, lol, that's what I had to do. I didn't want to deal with the feeling of letting my coach down but ultimately, myself! Also, make note of your victories too. A day of 100% compliance is something to be proud of!!
    Hang in there girlfriend! Take it one day at a time! :hug:
  9. Inatic

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    try to find ways to deal with your emotional distress without turning to food. In the moment food might 'comfort' you but when that passes, you're still left dealing with the situation at hand. Food cant replace the need for emotional comfort.

    Often there is no solution other than to go with the flow of things but what you can do is control other things within your life that might help in the other areas of concern. Stick to your plan and control the areas you can.

    Ultimately how you regard your situation and your attitude will have a lot to do with how your get past this hurtle. The forum/a journal is a great place to come write and let off some steam. try that next time?
    hang in there.
  10. Thank you for your kind words. So much for me getting 14 days of 100% compliance. I have not been able to stay with it for even a day. My husband, Allen, has also been great -- he actually started a journal thread for me as he knows how beneficial it will be for me. Because he took FOREVER to write it and insisted I wasn't allowed to peek I decided I am going to give my LBC plan 100% (again:/) and try to go as long as possible without bingeing or cheating, but if the temptation gets super heavy --That's when I will open my first journal entry from the hubby. I believe it's called Wifey, you are stronger than you think - or something like that. Anyhow, so far today I am on-plan and kinda pumped that it can stay that way!. I love the idea of imagining my bi-weekly was the next day -- I feel beyond awful in the morning after I over-do it. I have had a lot of triggers in the past month:/ Over the past couple days I have been thinking to myself how I wish I would've gotten my welcome email from Erik after the holidays, but honestly any progress I can gain with diet and/or workout compliance before Jan 1 or even any pounds I can avoid before then I know have to do with LBC. So maybe I won't see any progress this first month or maybe a little, but I know myself well enough to know that if I didn't comply even every few days or for short streaks through this month - I would be starting even further from my ultimate goal come the new year. Ahhh. Just had a nice deep breath! Thanks for that! Definitely looking forward to my journal -- especially reading whatever the hubby has to say, but feeling a little sense of strength in that I want to wait for it! I can and will succeed. I know I can. Xoxo - Have a great weekend!!
  11. Chubby1

    Chubby1 New Member

    Progress is progress, no matter how little it might be. The one thing we need to ask ourselves is if our goals are in line with the amount of work we are willing to put in. You cannot harvest more than you sew, but you also need to take joy in your accomplishments.
  12. Sienebeana

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    Learn to love yourself from the inside and the body will follow. Every time I struggle with compliance, can't seem to make progress despite compliance, "spin my wheels" as it were, it always seems to come back to my own inner reflection of how I feel about myself. If I believe in myself, love myself, and accept myself, I no longer find the need to sabotage my success and my body is "happy" to comply. I am not saying that this is what you are dealing with, but it was a profound realization for myself. I really believe that our mind is the biggest player in our outcomes.
  13. OneMadMonkey

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    I just started with Erik 4 weeks ago. My first 2 weeks were 100% compliance. Since then, it's been harder. Things come up, especially around the holidays. I've missed meals due to work. I'm having to sub workouts at home for the next week because my gym is suddenly closed for remodeling. I've just had to tell myself that it's life. Things will always pop up. Things we don't expect. Road blocks are everywhere. Part of living is learning to navigate them. Do I want to make progress over the next 2 weeks? ABSOLUTELY!!! But if I manage to maintain what I have earned so far, at least while life is throwing me all these hurdles, then I think I'm still winning.

    There have been times when I want to binge. All those goodies showing up at work are a temptation landmine. Last Friday I caved in and devoured 2 handfuls of chocolate covered acai berries before I stopped myself. Believe me, I was well on my way to eating an entire bag. I finally just looked in the mirror and said, "Look. Your birthday is 5 months from now. You can either stick with the plan and be happy with your results, or keep sabotaging yourself. Time is going to move on either way. I can either reach my goal in May, or I can be disappointed and about $3000 poorer." And since I'm a cheap bastard, my money sense won out.

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