How did you tell people?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Pregnancy' started by colo1278, May 10, 2006.

  1. colo1278

    colo1278 I'm growing a person!

    I had a great idea last night for how I am going to tell my hubby and my parents/inlaws that I am pregnant. (When I am, that is- we're finally actively trying- no more condoms!!! Woo Hoo!) :clap:

    So here is my idea- I take photos all over town of signs that spell out the phrase "you are going to be a daddy" or "someone's going to be a grandma again" etc and put them in an album and give it to them.

    I know some of the stores I can hit to take pics of the signs- like for "YOU" I can use the U from the U-Store it storage place near us, the R from toys R us for "ARE", etc.


    What did all you do to tell people? Keep it simple or go all out like I want to?
  2. Christina

    Christina Cause Fet asked me to...

    My brother and his wife had family over on Mothers Day, and gave each mother a very pretty picture frame. Inside the frame they put a printed paper saying:

    "see you in Jan. love baby".

    It took them both a moment to figure it out, but it really was sweet. At the time they didn't know, but she was actually preg. w/twins. If you are not yet, you could do the same thing for Fathers Day, or you could tell them you are having pics done, have your parents over one day and do something similar. I love hearing how people propose, tell people they are expecting etc....

    Best of luck!!!
  3. colo1278

    colo1278 I'm growing a person!

    that is so cute!

    Yeah, I was hoping I would be pregnant by fathers day since my whole family is going to No. Carolina for a big beach trip- it also is my dad's 70th bday. Who knows, my peroid was due yesterday and so far, nada...

    I could still do the store-front picture thing, just have it spell out Happy Father's Day for my husband and something with Grandpa in it for my dad.
  4. Pinky

    Pinky MIA

    DH was there when I took the test. But we told his mom, by buying a baby frame, and instead of a picture in it, we wrote a message that said, "Picture to arrive in November 2004" with a picture of a stork.
  5. Pandora

    Pandora Well-Known Member

    I said, "Oh crap. I'm pregnant." :lol: I was 18. I was a little shocked. :D

    Now, I'm 29 and I've never had another child and never will... but if I ever did, these sound like such cute ideas. :love:
  6. Chelsinator

    Chelsinator Ummm...what the hell?? lol

    I'm takin' 'em to A&W and buyin' 'em Grandpa and Grandma burgers!! :lol:

    cuz, you parents and I love fast food so much...:dry: :barf:

    I do like these cute ideas though! :happy:
  7. mybell

    mybell Working my ass off

    We found out on my MIL bday that we were pregnant. We went and bought her a Happy Birthday Grandma card, signed our names on it and a question mark.

    At first she thought we were telling her she was old, took about a min. before she clued in.
  8. Dane

    Dane Member

    :lol: I wish I had thought of something cute like the above ideas!

    We just handed MIL the positive test case. My parents are overseas, so I could only call them.
  9. Tina

    Tina Well-Known Member

    That was my reaction at 18 as well!! :hi:
  10. liberty

    liberty Active Member

    I handed my husband the stick with the two lines and said "sorry I've been such a bitch lately, here's my excuse" :lol: With the first two he was right there when we tested. We had friends send out christmas cards with their names and ?? for the babe on the way.
  11. trinitylove

    trinitylove Buff in spirit

    i bought my husband a card that read "congratulations, you did it!" and left the pee stick inside it. i made him a cheesecake and left the card with it and went to work. i got a call at work when he got home and he was ecstatic!
    after a miscarriage we waited 3 months to try to conceive and the first time worked!
  12. Mallhopper

    Mallhopper Member

    My parents were on a trip to Hawaii...and we had a pink and blue arrangement sent to their hotel room w/ a card that said, "Guess what, Mimi & Papa?? Love, J & A....they called crying when they got it!! :love:

    I put my test in a gift box for my husband...but when he drove up from work and got out of the car, he said, "Honey, your glowing, are you pregnant?"...I about had a heart attack!! :lol:
  13. PerfectAnjail

    PerfectAnjail Active Member

    I did nothing exciting when I told people, but here's what a woman at work did.

    She recruited a friend from work to go to all of her family's houses (they are all local) to give them a card. All the card said was to go to another location. It was kind of like a treasure hunt that took them all over town for awhile and they all ended up in the same location. There, she played a video/ppt presentation of her and her husband growing up and at the end had something about starting a family with a new addition, or something like that.

    I LOVE the frame idea. I think I will still do that even though everyone knows...wish I read this before mother's day!!
  14. rogmel

    rogmel back in the game!

    The first time, it was Thanksgiving, so at dinner we gave everyone their cards that said, "Happy Thanksgiving Grandma", "Happy Thanksgiving Aunt and Uncle", etc. It was cute!

    The second time we bought the first child a t-shirt that said, "I'm the Big Sister", and waited for everyone at a family party to notice!

    The third time I told everyone that I had new pictures to show them. They were the new ultrasound pictures!
  15. Nicole32

    Nicole32 New Member

    Those are cute ideas...I will have to remember them when it is my turn.

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