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    I think I did introduce myself once...but I think I need a little " 'Forum 101' :p

    How do you copy quotes to respond to??

    And how do you start a journal?

    I'm on Day 2 of my program...Loving it!!! :p)
    BUT I did screw up today and I'm totally bummed about it..I wasn't thinking and I treated today, which was core/abs, as a TRAINING day and ate my meals according to that. POO!!! So, I have to mark the majority of my day as 'off plan'. I SOOO wanted to be 100% compliant!! especially the first 2 weeks!! But, I think I've got it all down now!! :)

    Love the support on FB and on this forum (will be better once I learn my way around it!! ha!!)

  2. Inatic

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    welcome Audra!
    Dont beat yourself up over the training non training diet.. Its not really that big of deal in the big picture.

    To start a journal, go to the journal section and start a new thread.. That being you have at least 10 posts in the non secured section or Erik waved your 'permissions'

    To quote a comment you can

    Click the quote button and press reply.. that lets you respond to one post.

    To repond to more than one, up to 5, click on the '+ button next to the quote button on the posts you'd like to quote and then press reply.
  3. Askinner11

    Askinner11 Active Member

    Alrighty!! Think I got it!! Thanks for the help!! :)
  4. pavermama

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    Hello and Welcome!! I won't see you on FB because I can't keep up with both forums!! :laugh:

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