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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Amy1984, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Amy1984

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    At night I eat Fage Greek Yogurt and Adams creamy peanut butter- yum yum! Tho I love both I've been getting the itch to experiment and try something different! I LOVE my chocolate protein ice cream and thought how wonderful it would be if I could make greek yogurt ice cream. I blended my greek yogurt with ice and some chocolate WF syrup and stevia. It looked good but tasted AWFUl! My clever/creativeness proved completely ineffective! If anyone has any ideas of what else I could do with greek yogurt or similar protein source as my nite time snack please share! And take it from me---don't think greek yogurt ice cream will taste like protein powder ice cream ekkk :sadcry:
  2. Emma

    Emma Member

    I tried freezing my portion in ice cubes and blending it, that didn't work out either

    It would probably make a soft serve type thing in an ice cream maker, but I don't have one and am not buying one just to try it out.

    I'm perfectly happy having it on its own with a drop or two of raspberry choc stevia drops and my PNB. I've recently discovered PNB mixed with Cacao, my word it's amazing and less calories than PNB. The brand I am buying and nothing else added, just the peanuts and cacao, there is just a nice chocolately back note, it's very good.

    Sorry I'm not much help, I'm a simple chick who loves her yogurt as is. I'm not a fan of trying to make something into something it isn't, I don't want to bodgy up a "desert" from things like PP and yogurt, I'd rather wait for a special occasion and have the real deal in all it's calorific, fat and sugar laden glory.
  3. Inatic

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    i googled for some ideas.

    What i saw was using
    - fruit/sugar (not an option in some plans but ) can use stevia or flavor exacts
    -some xanthum/guar gums
    -then blend or puree into smooth/creamy.

    *without an ice cream maker, put into air tight container and keep stiring ever few hrs. many not not as creamy
  4. Amy1984

    Amy1984 Member

    Thanks Ileen. I think I will give this a try sometime just for fun :)
  5. stephm2010

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    Mix the GY with the protein powder or vanilla and stevia or almond extract and stevia. Then drizzle your nut butter or coconut butter on top. Then freeze it. Don't let it go solid. (the nut/coconut butter can and should). Once the nut butter goes hard, then you can break it up into pieces and stir into your yogurt. Freeze a few more minutes and eat! It is yummy that way. You may have to mix your butter with a little water to get it to drizzle and freeze well. It tastes much better semi frozen, rather than frozen solid. I prefer cottage cheese over the GY with the protein powder mix. Just my .2cents! :cheat:
  6. Maggieb14

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    To add more volume to my Fage Greek Yogurt, I make a shake out of it. I dump the yogurt into my magic bullet, add lots of ice, 1/4 water, a squirt of Mio's orange tangerine enhancer and some Kal stevia powder. It tastes like creamsicle to me. Although, it's more of a slushy type shake than a creamy one, I love it. I'm not sure if the same would work with Chobani because it tends to be a little more watery.

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