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    For those who enjoy birth stories...
    Most of you know that I had a scheduled induction for April 9, 2009 at 8AM being 9 days overdue.
    I checked in at 745am but my room wasn't done until 830AM. Lots of babies all poured in that night/morning... 20+ admitted since Monday when I had me brief trip to L&D.

    I got a chance to chat with the nurses in the entry way though and inquired about requesting a nurse who is partial to and experienced with natural births. One sweet lady "looked" into it for me. She apparently knew who the right person to ask, because despite the nuttiness of the labor floor I got what had to be the best nurse on the floor. My OB and nurse were very respectful of my Hypnobabies needs and my birth plan hopes.
    I met the doc by 9am to discuss the plan and we were going to break my water and go from there, as soon as they were done getting me set up. Well, the OB went MIA until 1130AM in which I had the AROM. There was merconium staining, but not too bad. By 2pm I hadn't made a lick of progress despite contractions, which were consistant but 10 minutes apart.
    At 2:00pm we agreed t start a low dose of pit. It came on hard and fast then. I did really good using my hypnosis stuff, and I think a lot of nurses were impressed. They did best to keep quiet and not disturb me. It was mainly just DH and I, who was my rock, petting me and whispering relaxation cues. Sometime after though, I hit transition. I thought my blood sugar was crashing (which it may have a bit since you don't get to eat much), though they assured me it was just transition symptoms. Shakey, disoriented, weak, panic: It was like I sat out of a deep deep relaxation/hypnosis in a frenzy. I wanted just a "little something" in my IV to take the edge off. At the same time I was htting transition, the BP cuff kept getting weird readings and beeping loudly. It broke my concentration, and DH got pissed off and thus I became very unrelaxed. My nurse was busy delivering next door and so I got some fill in, loud, obnoxious nurse. I freaked, DH freaked because he can't handle seeing me (or DD) in distress and be powerless to fix it.
    Lucky my nurse came back when she did. I was screaming for help and that I couldn't do it, and please give me just a "little" something in my IV to help me relax.
    Gloria, RN, said, first we need to check you and see if you are ready to push, and second of all, OB will NOT give you anything in your IV, and thirdly, you CAN do this. And oh, by the way, you are 9cm. Gloria was there for me at just the right time in just the right way.
    Well, I put on my pushing baby out hypnosis CD and found it felt better to push just a little during my pressure waves. I begged for a popsicle incase my sugar was low, which I got, and between pressure waves and starting to push, I got a bite of popsicle. Alan kept them coming, and for some reason it just seemed to be a little piece of heaven.
    Pushing would've continued in a mother directed, breathing baby out way, but his heart rate was dropping greatly and he was getting close to out. They said, you HAVE to get this baby out NOW. The team said, what your doing is great, but he is in distress. I'm not sure the time frame of all this but the last 4-5 pushes were all bearing down and holding my breath. Poor lill Jonah had the cord 3x's around his neck. I didn't have time to let things stretch naturall and slowly so i think I got 4 stitches for little tears. I pushed him out fast and hard and yes, that second for shoulders and head, I screamed one short loud scream. I was unprepared for him to come out so fast! I didn't even have time to think or "relax". But it was no big deal... it was quick.
    I delivered at 4:44pm, so not even 3 hours after true labor started. He weighs 6#11oz, and was 20" long. He has smokey blue eyes, and light brown hair. He looks like...well no one in particular! Violet was the spitting image of Alan and I, and Jonah looks like ... Jonah!
    Here are some not so great pics, but they are mostly all on my mom's camera except these couple.

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    thank you for sharing..

    I had to break my water 5 times and 5 times need pit as well. I can say i pushed but one out naturally and i swore i'd NEVER do that again. I have all back labor <OUCH!>

    One of my kiddos had the cord around their neck 3 times as well too.. scary but glad all ended well. He's beautiful!
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    Thanks for sharing your birth story. You did awesome! Transition drug-free is tough! :hug:

    Jonah is beautiful. I hope Violet has welcomed the new addition!
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    Thank you for sharing that!!! :hearts: Jonah is precious!!!
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    aaaww.... :love:
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    I don't know really where to put this, but as I am posting a 2month update I'll leave my whining here with it. (Warning: whining to follow, sort ofanyways)
    Jonah is doing well and is a much "better" baby, if you will, than my first was. I've had a wonderful experience thus far and my kids look nothing alike.
    The problem lies with me. I dont know if its really whining because I do take full responsibility for my issues at hand. I NEVER thought I'd be that person that just can't get control. I can't find it within me to cook healthy foods. I hate having extra dishes, I don't like cooking, my team is limited as is.... Of course most of this is excuses because I absolutely cannot find the will to get back in shape. I look at myself and think "disgusting" but then think, "oh well." If I'm not gonna do anything about it, I"m not going to cry. I am now a frumpy, unmotivated, clothes too tight or too big, mother of two, with hair that needs a cut, bra fat, and a butt that needs a little kicked.
    What the hell happened to me? I am just so burnt out. 27 and I've already given up... 1.5years after competition and I don't even know who that person was.
    meh. I'm lame.
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    I hear ya!

    I totally understand!. I am so disappointed in my self. I was the thinnest and most fit of my life when I got pregnant this last time...not planned.
    But I went along. Ate everything in site. I think I was the only nauseated pregnant person to gain weight. Plus I think since my diet and exercise was so rigid going off just made me gain weight so fast.
    Anyhow here I am with THREE kids. My baby is so sweet and good. I am 45 lbs up. I have shed some but not much. I tried to go back to my Erik diet. Absolutely did not work. Too much work to cook and think about eating all the time. Then I thought I would go to WW. Did that for a couple of weeks and fell off.
    SOOOO I went to diet pills as I could not gain control. So I am on a diet pill from my doctor. It just keeps me from eating too much. SO I am not gaining and have lost a few.
    Can't go to the gym with my baby yet. She has to be 6 months old.
    I have horses too. SO it was gym or horses. Since I have to wait til my husband gets home. I have settled into my fat self and ride my horses in hope that when August hits and I can go to the gym in the AM all will be right with the world. I have two pairs of jeans (fat girl jeans) and a hand ful of t-shirts to wear. Look like hell. Feel like a cow!
    There are a 100 things I could do, go for a walk, do pushups, lunges etc... but I don't seem to have the motivation.
    SO I hear ya. I think we will get it together. It just takes a bit of time.
    Its not HOLLYWOOD out here!
    Hang in there!
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    Congrats on your new healthy baby and Thanks for sharing your birthing story and also how you feel after. I'm 5.5 months along myself now and I find it rather encouraging to see how everyone handles the process of becoming mommy. Sorry you're having some problems now PP and its something I definitely think about myself.
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    You are not lame. You a busy mother of two young children with little time that isn't spent focusing on someone else's needs. That is tough.

    Are you having a tougher time emotional or mentally this time than with your first baby? You could be struggling with some "baby blues". Have you talked to your doctor?

    Do you have anyone who can help out? A friend who can take your older child for a play-date? A teenager?

    What will help you get back that sense of control? I know for me, a plan and a schedule helps me at least move through the motions, even when I didn't feel like it. You can also give yourself permission to not focus on your body right now if the timing isn't right. You WILL get there. It's only been two months.

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