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Discussion in 'Competitors Corner' started by alandrum, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Hey girls I am resurrecting this thread because I have been searching for the answer to my question and I found part of it in this thread but wanted to ask another. So I see that it is suggested to do a trial run with the tanning product but when is this typically done? A couple of weeks before? A month before? And will testing it in just a small area give me a good enough idea of how it will turn out? Do I need to do several coats like I would be doing for the comp?

    Thanks for the advice/suggestions already given in all the threads I have been reading. You girls have been so helpful!
  2. T23

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    I say if you know your going to compete then do it asap. But be aware that someone once said that some of the tanning product may go bad over time once its open. So maybe a couple of months out? And yes......apply several coats!!
  3. sxc_t

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    Will do! Thanks a bunch!
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    Yes definitly several if not as many as you think you'll use that day. I started to turn green the night before the show :sad: NOT fun and pretty damn stressful!!
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    The sooner you do it the easier it is to get the skin cleaned up before the show. Try an area that that doesn't have any dry patches and avoid knees, knuckles, elbows and the like as these are very hard areas to get the tan off.

    I find different parts of my body take up the protan at different rates (ie chest not that flash, but ankles really well).

    Yes protan does go off (pigments oxidise), resulting in a green skin appearance, so just be careful about how far out form a show you open the bottle.
  7. Neely

    Neely lolz

    VERY good thing to keep in mind here.

    My experience is that ProTan will start to 'turn' within a month or so after first opening or spraying from the bottle.

    If a bottle is questionable, try it out before applying any other tan. Spray a small patch in an area that isn't prone to dry skin (like mid-thigh) and check the color. If it's a little green, wipe it off with a towel, baby wipe, something, right away. If there's any staining on the skin from that it usually won't affect your overall color. But just to be safe, baby oil or nail polish remover is the best way to get the stain off quick. If you are planning to open a new bottle and continue the tan process after checking that questionable bottle, opt for the polish remover. If you have time to shower and scrub again, use the baby oil.
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    found this on :eek:2: but thought it woudl be good over here.

    Moderator, Can we make this a 'stickie' as we have many asking for Competition Show Lists.

    Give or take a few items depending if you travel to your show or it is local and what type of bodypaint or tanning you decide on.

    Protan, dish and brush
    Dream Tan
    Almond Oil or Muscle Sheen
    Bikini Bite
    Saran Wrap (to line suit while doing touch-ups)
    Old Sheet (to put on floor)
    Rubber Gloves
    Zip Lock Baggies
    Dark ProTan Suit (waiting for it to dry)
    Nivea Cream (see tanning instructions)
    Flip Flops

    Battery Alarm Clock (In case power goes out)
    Satin Pillow Case
    Dark sheet if staying in a hotel
    Dark Towels and Face Cloths
    Shampoo and Conditioner
    Toothbrush and Paste and Mouthwash
    Hair Products and Hair appliances
    Make-up and tools such as tweezers and brushes etc
    Nails and extra glue
    Electric Razor for Touch-Ups
    Heel Exfoliator
    Weigh Scale

    2 copies of music if Fitness Competitor
    Track Suit (cover up so you can go watch event in audience and not get product on seats)
    Full Length Mirror (many venues don't have them or enuf to go around)
    Notebook and Pen
    Cheque Book and/or credit card (backstage photography or expo products)
    Small Water bottle (for swishing and spitting)
    Allowable food
    Dyna Bands
    Fabric glue for stones (if one falls off)
    Sewing Kit
    Wet Wipes
    Small Safety pins
    ZipLock Baggies

    Small battery operated Fan
    Class Number
    Posing Suits
    Posing Shoes
    Membership Card
    Proof of Registration
    Birth Certificate
    Venue Map
    Front Row Photography Coverage Registration Sheet
    Room Confirmation Number
    Phone List of Coach, Family and Friends

    Digital Camera
    Film Camera
    Video Camera and batteries
    Extra disc for Video Camera

    Clothes and shoes for after show
    Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffin for after Evening show (my little input)

    Did I forget anything? Lets add to it if I did.
  9. Blondell

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    That's a good list, Michelle.

    The lists have been all put together.
  10. MichelleS

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    can we sticky it. so we don't have to go dig it up all the time?
  11. Blondell

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  12. patriciaann

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    This list/thread was a great find and I want to thank all who contributed to it. I wanted to make a couple comments about things on the list that were really helpful.

    It really is important to bring your photo ID or they won't let you in. The NPC card can't be used for that purpose.
    Dyna bands - really useful as they had absolutely no weights, bands, etc. at the local NPC competition in which I participated
    Mirror - same comment basically there were no mirrors in either the women or men's prep rooms. You gotta bring your own. Some ladies brought full length mirrors but I had to travel and I felt the small travel mirror I brought served me well
    vaseline - didn't really do anything for me except I ended up with lipstick stuck to my teeth and I swallowed a wad of the vaseline - better to just take a quick sip of water before you go on stage but that just my opinion
    Tanning - I don't think practicing by applying tanner on a small area will really serve you well - you really need to apply the tanner all over in a practice run so you can learn how to apply it evenly and see how deep the color gets on your knees, elbows (dry areas) as you want an all over even tan
    posing oil - figure competitors didn't use the stuff at the local NPC competition in which I participated that was something the fitness girls and bodybuilders used so I would ask around and see if you can find out whether or not you need the stuff (save you money)
  13. Deoderant? I didn't use it because it makes your tan turn green. Otherwise, sounds like your prepared!
  14. Blondell

    Blondell Former Postwhore

    Yes, deodorant.

    It's nice to have after the show if you are going out to eat etc. ;)
  15. Anca

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    :ditto: By the time you're done with the finals you're all sticky and sweaty. Deodorant is a must- and so are dark (preferably black) clothes. Tanner marks are very hard to get off.
  16. sandi

    sandi IFBB FITNESS PRO!!!!!

    I always take the olay premoistened facial cleansing cloths. That way, I never ruin my tan taking my 5 lbs of makeup off at the end of the day. I also bring the antibacterial hand wipies/cloths to 'wash hands' for the same reason
  17. Gnat

    Gnat Well-Known Member

    I used almond oil (a teeny amount) before going on stage for my bb show. gave a nice light shine and smelled good to boot! :D

    Great thread btw!
  18. bamamama

    bamamama Contemplating another show...

    I am SO GLAD this thread is resurrected! For those of us competing for the first time (or the first time in almost 2 decades!), this is very helpfl! Gnat- don't you have a show coming up soon? Or did it just happen? (I need to check out your journal...soon.)

    I am 14 weeks out now and feeling good. I remember the changes that happen in the last few weeks and I think, despite age and kids (!) that I can get up there and hold my own.

    Thanks again everyone- I agree, great thread!!!
  19. Gnat

    Gnat Well-Known Member

    :nod: 3 weeks and 1 day away! :bannana:

    And yes, you will rock it! I intend to :lol:

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