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  1. dare

    dare I'm not fat...I'm pregnant!

    I've read it's not great to have caffiene if you are TTC, but what about decafe? Will that prevent pregnancy?
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  2. colo1278

    colo1278 I'm growing a person!

    I don't think it would be bad in terms of the caffeine, since there is only a teensy amount, but I have read a study that decaf is bad for you for other reasons- something about heart problems. If I were you, I would maybe do a little research on the effects of decaf (on everyone, not just pregnant or ttc women) and then make the decision if you want to just quit both or limit it.

    Me personally, I have really limited my caffeine while TTC (occasional small coffee or coke about once a week and then nothing the actual few days I would be ovulating) It;s just not worth it to me to risk not getting pg or the other effects of decaf.
  3. NCfitnessgirl

    NCfitnessgirl College Student...again

    My dad passed a few years ago with liver disease, but while he was in the hospital the doctors would not let him have decaf. They said the decaf had too many added chemicals. So, the only decaf I will ever drink is if it says "naturally decaffinated."
  4. theresak

    theresak Guest

    I read somewhere that the decaffinating process is being linked to cancerous agents. What isn't these days, right?
    i stayed away fom that too during pregnancy.
  5. Dreamer

    Dreamer Member


    Even sometime decaff coffee are not really decaffeined. I remember seeing a show on NBC on coffee obessesion in North America. Some experts did some research on the value of caffeine in both of them, It turned out that some of them were not really ''decaffeined'' as described in coffee shops or even out of decaff jar.
  6. dare

    dare I'm not fat...I'm pregnant!

    What about decafe tea? Stay away from that too? I've been drinking decafe green tea lately....not sure if I should stop, or can I have the regular stuff?
  7. clsupnorth

    clsupnorth 'Kooky' Vegetarian

    Decaf green tea is a very popular additive and recommended if you are TTC. Increases production of cervical mucus, and decreases the viscosity of said mucus.
  8. yummimummi

    yummimummi Guest

    I have never heard of caffeine affecting your fertility. If in doubt, leave it out.

    Go natural with the decaf. Or try a coffee substitute like Roastaroma.
  9. RpH

    RpH I'm actually educated

    Not much to add other than caffeine's chemical structure is called a methyl-xanthine. Decaffeinated products (tea or coffee) are also in the xanthine family. They both illicit the same physiological response in the body, but caffeine's response is many times greater. That's the reason people get addicted to caffeine but don't usually get addicted to decaf products.

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