8 Months post-partum

Discussion in 'Fitness & Pregnancy' started by maddix2010, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Hey all... So I have been struggling really bad with my body weight yo-yoing between looking rock hard, and looking bloated. I have a contest coming up in 3 weeks and I probably should back out of it because I don't believe I am ready, but I made a promise to my brother that we would do this together.
    Does anyone have any advice on anything I can do?
    I am on a low calorie diet, but that is probably doing more harm then good. Since I am nursing my body is giving the little calories I am taking in to feeding my son, and then I binge in the evening to meet my bodies feelings.
    I was on a different diet a few weeks ago and it was about 1900 calories, where this one is about 1500. However, with those extra 400 calories I was looking better then, then I do now..
    I am going to try doing a fruit cleanse next week, today marks exactly 3 weeks out till the competition...
    I realize quick fixes rarely work, but I was hoping there might be something out there that I could give a try. If anyone has any input, advice, motivation, I would GREEAATTTLLY appreciate it!
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    Wow. I think you should stop now and not do the show. You can be there for your brother and support him (probably even get backstage if you say you're his trainer), but for you to do this sounds terribly unhealthy and stressful. When you do a show, you want it to be as fun and stress free as possible. You're doing it for fun, right? This doesn't sound fun or healthy.
  3. Inatic

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    There will always be shows! You shouldnt be competing with those issues.

    I agree with Kirstin. Get your body functioning properly. Feed your son properly , then have fun with competing when your mind is also functioning properly. If you have to keep compensating for food issues, you arent ready to tackle the competition world.
  4. maddix2010

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    Thanks ladies!
  5. Shannaks

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    Your body needs the calories t o make enough milk to feed baby. I am 10 months post partum with my second kiddo and I totally can tell I am holding on to fat just to be able to feed her. Plus you are probably putting yourself under a lot of stress to get in contest shape and being that you are only 8 months post partum your body is going through enough changes as it is especially with all those hormones leftover from pregnancy that you are experiencing all of this. And we all know how bad stress is for achieving a lean look. I say don't do it as well. The first year of a baby's life goes by so quickly so sacrificing some time to nurse your baby is far more beneficial than competing right now. You will have many years to compete not many to nurse!! And awesome that you are still nursing too - isn't it the best?

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